"What were our mistakes? Their names were legion. We misinterpreted events, made inappropriate assumptions and analyses, misused the laws of economics and commerce, and failed to use our understanding of the relative roles of the public and private sectors.
    "Churchill commented about a colleague, "He is humble. He has much about which to be humble." To our chagrin, we energy experts have created for ourselves a rich resource of mistakes about which to be humble─and from which to learn. The challenge we now pick up in this volume is to exploit this resource." (From Energy Aftermath)

    "Energy Aftermath is excellent; it gives a clear, concise, and unique review and analysis of past U.S. energy blunders and presents a structural map for improved future energy systems. The authors logically and coherently describe the mistakes made by industry, government, and the consumer that have brought us to our present position, while also pointing to possible solutions. There is a real need for this book." Thomas C. Ryan, Ryan & Associates, Inc.
   "A clear call to decision makers in the energy industries and government to awaken to the opportunity of slowing the quickening pace of U.S. energy servitude." T. W. Matthews, Vice President, UNOCAL
   "[Energy Aftermath] is very clearly and readably written....and covers an amazing range of topics, encapsulating the rich collective experiences of the three authors....I found it hard to put down." Harvey Brooks, Professor of Technology and Public Policy (Emeritus), Harvard University.
(From the dust jacket)

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